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hinese New Year is a tradition among the Chinese people. Typically, older members of the family give the red envelopes to the children in the family to celebrate lunar New Year. In modern times, the tradition has evolved into a game among young people.BEIJING, June 2 -- Accusing China of stealing intellectual property to support its own development is an unfounded fabrication, according to a white paper titled China's Position on the China-US Economic and Trade Consultations released by the State Council Information Office on Sunday.Historical records confirm that China's achievements in scientific and technological innovation are not something we stole or forcibly took from others; they were earned through self-reliance and hard work, the white paper said.China has established a legal system for the protection of intellectual property that

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is consistent with prevailing international rules and adapted to China's domestic conditions. The understanding of the importance of intellectual property among the general public and business community in China has increased, the value of royalties paid to foreign rights-holders has risen significantly, and the number of intellectual property applications and registrations has surged, said the white paper.Former WIPO Director General Arpad Bogsch spoke highly of China's legal framework for intellectual property protection, noting that China's achievements are "unmatched in the history of intellectual property protection."The US Chamber of Commerce recognized that China is making concrete progress in creating an intellectual property environment appropriate to the 21st century.In its 2018 China Business Climate Survey Report, the America

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